Summary : The IDPROM contents invalid

From: Andre Saile (
Date: Tue Jan 13 1998 - 04:40:54 CST

> When you see "The IDPROM contents are invalid", what happened ?
> Most likely your NVRAM is out of work. NVRAM means
> non-volitile RAM, which has a battery to keep track of your
> system configuration data. If the battery is mal-functional or
> the NVRAM is damaged, your system will tell you the above
> error message to show you that the contents are damaged so
> that you need to replace one. You need to provide your hostid
> to us in order to make a new one for you. Here are 2 ways to
> check your hostid,
> 1. Type "banner" at the ok prompt.
> In order to get into ok prompt, power on your machine and
> press "stop-A" will leave you into an ok prompt. Find
> your hostid at the last item "HOST ID". You shall see
> alpha-numeric letters. Write it down and send to us.
> 2. Open your machine, find a label on the top of the NVRAM.
> ( If you don't know where is the NVRAM, browse through
> our home page and find a map of your machine, you shall
> see the location of the NVRAM. )
> It also shows 8 alpha-numeric letters.

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