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Date: Mon Jan 12 1998 - 10:02:13 CST

The SUMMARY below has three parts:

1) My original question
2) Responses that I got
3) Some additional research that I have done on the topic

OBTW, the me-too's outnumbered the actual responses.

First my quesition:

> I know that this question has been asked several times on the list and
> that there have been some partial summaries, but I have never seen a real
> summary for "I us brand X CD-R and software Y for doing task Z" type of
> responses.
> I'd love to hear some testimonials from people that have used a CD-R on a
> Sparc machine running Solaris 2.x. Especially in the area of
> 1) Use as an archival system. Let people take their account with them on a
> CD, or have quick access to large data sets that don't need to be
> taking up disk space all the time
> 2) Cutting some of your own music CDs. I'd like to take a few tracks from
> different CDs or tapes that I have and cut my own CDs.
> So if you are using a CD-R and like how it works, please send me some info
> of the brand of CD-R and what software you are using. If you have any
> experience with a CD-RW machine, I could use that info as well.
> There was a summary posted last November, but it didn't really have any
> information on "I'm using this CD-R to do this with this software" That's
> the type of info I would like to summarize for the list.

Philip Barone <> writes:

I use a TEAC CD-R50S 4x4 on a Sun Sparc 5 running solaris 2.4. The
software I use is called GEAR by ELEKTROSON. In fact I just received a
brochure from a company that sells it offering a FREE Yamaha 4x6 or
Panasonic 4x8 recorder with purchase of software for $1,745.00. (Don't
know how the above drives work compared to my TEAC though)

(for archival storage)

It can do this stuff very well. What you do is copy the directories to the
CD just like you would copy them to another local disk(But through the
software). This is an actual command: "cp -r /source/dir/*" (notice no
destination, that means to the root directory on the cdrom, etc, etc)

(for audio CDs)

Yes, I have recorded audio tracks from other audio CD's. Works fine.
Detlev Habicht <> writes:

I am using Joerg Schilling's CD Record Software with an Ultra 1, Solaris
2.5.1 and a HP CD-Writer 6020. (

I make the image with mkisofs and the CD with cdrecord. This works well.
Skye Poier <> writes:

We use an external Yamaha CDR-100 with Solaris 2 and CDR Publisher (by
Hylafax I think), works like a charm. The Yamaha line seem to have a good

Additional Research:

Here are a list of URL's with some additional info

1) The CD-R FAQ
There was a lot of useful information on that page including a glossary
of terms explaining things like "track at once" "disc at once", etc

2) Octave's homepage
This company sells the Gear software that folks seem like. The also
sell CD-Rs from TEAC, YAMAHA, and TRAXDATA.

3) Young Minds homepage
These guys look to be in the high end market. The sell software and
hardware solutions that start at your basic CD-R and go to the "burn 100
discs at a time" solution. For filling in their online form, I got a call
from a rep and they sent me a ton of info via snail mail.

4) Elektroson info on Gear
If you want the full info on the Gear software, here is where you go.

5) Microtech offers some info on Yamaha and Kodak drives:

I checked out some pricing on various machines and found the following:

hardware: TEAC 4X/4X CD-R
lowest price: BuyComp $463.95
Suggested price: $530

HP SureStore CD-Writer 6020es 6X/2X CD-R drive1
estimated price of $484

The Gear software goes for about $1700. I haven't asked about any academic

For our needs (a few one offs of data and some audio CDs for myself) we
will probably start with a Teac or Yamaha drive and the free software from
Joerg Schilling and see if our needs grow to where we need some higher end
software like Gear or HyCD.

Hope that summary helps.. We'll probably be purchasing something toward
the end of the month so I may followup to this summary with what we
actually did.


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