Summary: SNMP package for Solaris 2.x -

From: Jianguo Sun (
Date: Wed Jan 07 1998 - 21:42:30 CST

Thanks edmundo, nesrin_ozus@karmai, Muralidhar M S, Stephen Harris, Chris Marble,Frank Cusack,Dave McFerren,Tom Doong,Michel Pilon for all your help.

My question was:
>Could anyone tell me if there is a SNMP package coming with Solaris 2.x?
>If yes, is there any document about the installation and configuration?
>If no, what is the best third party SNMP package for Solaris 2.x you

Stephen Harris <> answered my question and most of replies
are similar as this:

Solaris 2.6 comes with an SNMP agent. Before that, the UCD package
(3.3.1 released recently) is a great SNMP agent.
Again, thanks for your great help.



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