SUMMARY: Solstice -- " is an invalid NIS+ domain"

From: Haohui Wang (
Date: Tue Jan 06 1998 - 18:48:20 CST

Thanks to every who responded, especially Casper Dik,,
and Johnie Stafford.

Patch 104468-06 is needed in my case. Apparently rpc.nisd was changed
in 2.6. Some of you suggested the trailing dot is needed. But if you
defaultdomain to fully qualified, the AdmSuite would not be able to
the NIS+ tables.

>> On Sun, 04 Jan 1998 11:42:45 -0500, Haohui Wang <> said:
 hw> Hi, I am trying to get Solstice Admsuite 2.3 with AutoClient 2.1 to
 hw> work here. First I used "nisserver -r -Y -d" to set up
 hw> the NIS+ domain. Then I populated tables from /etc/ files using
 hw> nispopulate, installed Solstice stuff using adm_install on the
 hw> Now I kicked off solstice as both root and an adm account. But
 hw> the host manager and database manager comes back with an error
 hw> message:
 hw> The operation failed with this status:
 hw> "" is not a valid NIS+ domain.

 hw> Interestingly, if I do a "domainname" database manager
 hw> with load and display the tables just fine, but fails with an
 hw> error when I update the tables.

 hw> Is there something I missed during the setup of the NIS+ domain?


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