SUMMARY: Xman help

From: Thomas Wong (
Date: Tue Jan 06 1998 - 15:27:06 CST

Thanks to the following people for their replies:

Rahul Roy <>
"John S. McNab" <>


The original question was:

Howdy Sun Managers. I have a strange problem I can't figure out. We have 2
Solaris 2.5.1 machines. On machine A, when you run xman, then click on the
"section" button to view the list of sections it supports, you see the full
listing as defined in /usr/man/ On machine B, when you do the same
thing, it only lists the default sections (as defined in "man xman")(i.e.
ignores i.e. on machine B, it only lists sections: 1,2,...8,l,n,o.
Whereas on machine A, it actually reads and lists all the subsections as
well: 1,1m,1c,1f,1s,1b,2,3,3c,3s, etc. (and more importantly, it contains
section 9 which is not in the default hence not in machine B).

Checking both systems, they are identical. And on machine B, you can access
section 9 via the "man" command (e.g. "man 9 putq"). Just not via xman. Any
ideas? Thanks.


The answer:

John asked me to make sure that both machines are running the same xman. So I
did a "which xman" and sure enough, they were running different xman. The
non-working machine ran xman from the directory: /usr/bin/X11. But on the
working machine, this directory doesn't exist hence xman was from the next
directory down the path, that being /usr/openwin/bin.

The xman in /usr/openwin/bin works on both machines. So we're all set.
Thank you all.


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