** [SUMMARY] pop3 problem - solved

From: Ajay Gautam (ajay@avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net)
Date: Mon Jan 05 1998 - 23:05:01 CST

---------------- Orignal Question: -------------------------
I am using the following system :
$ uname -a
SunOS avlinsun 5.5 Generic_103093-12 sun4c sparc SUNW,Sun_4_75

Eudora is the front end for mail apps (on winnt)

MEQpopper if the pop3 app we are using.

I am not able to download any mail from eudora altough I am able to telnet
to the system and use pine.

/var/mail is the mail directory. /usr/spool/mail has been symbolically
linked to /var/mail.

when I start Eudora, it starts successfully, logs into the system (port
110) launches popper -s. and then tells that I have no mail !!!! whereas I
can access my mail thru pine. Even the log files dont show any errors.
Here is a sample connection in the log file.

[log file contents]

What I see as the problem, is that pop3 is not able to look into the right
directory for the mail files, but I am not able to trace the directory
in which it is looking for the mail files...

Any help / suggestions.

Note : Eudora was working a few days back !!!. No one seems to have
tampered with the system.

--------------- Solution --------------------------------------

popper was looking in the directory /usr/mail insted of /var/mail. A
symbolic link of /usr/mail to /var/mail solved the problem.

What might have happned is that the config file for popper would have been
in some users directory, which got deleted during the 'removal of extra
files in the last few days...

Thanks for all ur replies :

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From: David Dhunjishaw <dave@colltech.com>
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I think its trying to look for mail in /usr/mail. Note that it tried to
create the temporary maildrop as /usr/mail/.amit.pop - usually that file
gets created in the same directory that it expects the user's mailbox to
be in.

Looks like you need to recompile/reconfigure popper to look in /var/mail
instead of /usr/mail.


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From: Eugene Kramer <eugene@uniteq.com>
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To: Ajay Gautam <ajay@avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net>
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May be you do not have a problem with your Eudora. Are you sure that you
do not have any other application running, which automatically reads
your mailbox. Pine, for example.

Check your Eudora settings. How does it define 'new' message to

And I guess, you do not have an environment variable MAILBOX redefined
in your 'dot' files.



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Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 11:01:41 +0100 (MET)
From: Alessandro Forghieri <alf@alpha.orion.it>
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Try to find out where the spool directory for teporary maildrops is
(or should be). I would assume it is expecting /var/spool/pop, or

A command like
# strings qpopper | grep spool
might help you.

        Alessandro Forghieri

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From: "Karl E. Vogel" <vogelke@c17mis.region2.wpafb.af.mil>
To: ajay@avlinsun.avlin.stpn.soft.net
Subject: Re: ** Pop3 problems.
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   It looks like popper is looking in /usr/mail instead of /var/mail. If
   you can't configure where popper looks, you might need to get the
   for a different version. Try


Karl Vogel

Once again Thaks to all who replied....

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