SUMM: Virtual disks and Software raid setup

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Date: Wed Dec 03 1997 - 16:21:44 CST

Thanks to the following people, and I'm sure others before this is seen ;-)
for the following information. This is exactly what I was looking for. :

With any luck the file /etc/opt/SUNWmd/ or will tell you a
lot about the config. has a lot of comments, but the installer
must have updated it by hand. I think is automagically updated,
regardless of whether they use the gui or command line to configure, so
if you compare it with the comments in you can probably figure it
	/dev/md/  says it is a DiskSuite volume (/dev/vx/ says it's a Veritas 
volume, /dev/RAID_Module*/ says it is a RSM disk array).   You can look at the 
configuration files in /etc/opt/SUNWmd/.  The DiskSuite commands, man pages, 
etc. are in /usr/opt/SUNWmd  (for some reason; I symlink /opt/SUNWmd to there 
for commonality). 
	If the AnswerBooks are installed, they are probably in /opt/SUNWabmd 
or /opt/SUNWsabmd.   You could also try the Sun's documentation web site, 
This is a metadevice set up using Online Disk Suite.execute metastat and it will
show you the details of this device like what is its status and what are its
actual physical components.These devices are set through a file
If you need more info I would suggest to lay your hands on the ODS manual.
This has been done using Solstice DiskSuite which comes on a separate cd
bundled with the Solaris2.5.1 server software.
>From the command line use the metastat command
(/usr/opt/SUNWmd/sbin/metastat - from memory) to view the composition
and status of the metadevice d0 thus:  metastat d0 <cr>
If you have a graphics head on your system there is a GUI called
metatool you can use for the same purpose.
There is also an answerbook package on the SDS cd which provides full
manuals for this product.
Trust this has at least pointed you in the right direction.

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