SUMMARY: Post.Office as sendmail replacement

From: Fletcher B. Cocquyt (
Date: Thu Nov 14 1996 - 10:52:19 CST

I asked for comments on Post.Office:

Fletcher B. Cocquyt wrote:
> I'm currently evaluating the Post.Office 2.0 product from
> as a replacement for sendmail on our
> internet email server.
> So far I am quite impressed with the product's features:
> - runs as non-priviledged user (they claim you could run
> it right on your firewall)
> - uses a slick WWW interface for everything (no messing
> with the
> - is an official Solaris certified product
> - I can create POP mail accounts so users don't need a
> UNIX account to receive email.
> - its pretty cheap - < $1000 for 100 user license.

I received 15 replies; all recommending the product:

From: (Bobby Brown )
I have been using it without much problem since March.
The interface is great.
Errors are logged and some are sent to me for processing
via email to redirect.
Very good product.

Bobby Brown
Sys Admin

From: Jaime Alberto Botello Cantú <>

We have more than 8,000 users in our Post.Office box. And our operation
is up and running with no problems. We are ISP, and all our clients are
in the Post.Office, but we use the NT version. I sure that the Unix
version have the same features than the NT.

From: (Jay Barnes)

We've been using it on NT for about 18 months. We have 1000 users
defined, and it NEVER misses a beat, even when users do 40MB file
transfers through it. I consider it an excellent package, and have been very professional in supporting us. (We are in
Cape Town, South Africa.) Their recent upgrade was VERY smooth. Just a
pity they don't support APOP :-(

Their NT version of BIND is also very good.

We have decided to buy a 100 user license for about $1000 (with

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