SUMMARY: R.I.P message from perfmeter

From: Renan Martins Baptista (
Date: Thu Nov 14 1996 - 08:54:39 CST

SUMMARY: R.I.P message from perfmeter


I submitted the following message:

Greetings Gurus,

perfmeter is returning the message R. I. P. inside it's windows,
as weel as is drawing a lapidde (something like reminding a fune-
ral, I mean, some part of the machine has died). It isn't showing
any performance data anymore, thereafter.

It has happened in two Solaris 2.x machines, one with 2.4 (SS-10)
and other with 2.5.1 (Ultra 1). It started to happen, after configu-
ring those machines as NIS clients, where the server is a SS-10
SunOS 4.1.3 machine (even though I don't know if it ralated to the

I need to eliminate it. Would you help me?


My best aknowlegments to those who appeared with contributive/proac
tive answers and suggestions. They were:

1. gray, valerie" <>
2. Weldon S Godfrey 3 <>
3. Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services <>
4. Benjamin Cline <>


My particular problem were solved by two actions:

#1: When a IP is put in a NIS or NIS+ plus map, without being update
    by a make command, perfmeter becomes absolutely crazy, even in a
    SunOS environment. So I verified all NIS maps (specially hosts)
    and rebuilt them with make. This was enough to solve the solaris
    2.5 machine problem.

#2: Due to a unknown reason, the daemon rpc.rstatd was either not
    running, as well as not present in any startup shell. This were
    the problem with the solaris 2.4 machine. To solve that, I put a
    new line in the /etc/inetd.conf file (just calling rpc.rstatd),
    and reboot the machine.

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