SUMMARY: Problem Tracking Software

From: Shifter (
Date: Thu Jul 25 1996 - 08:45:58 CDT

Many thanks to the following:

john heasley <> (Christian Masopust)
Herbert Wengatz <>
Gene Rackow <>

Here are their summaries:

look for the "req" system and tkreq ... to hell with gnats.

-heas --

Hi John,

some weeks ago there was the same question.

They found: -) GNATS -) req ( -) NEARnet Trouble Ticket System ( .tar) -) NETLOG ( -) Queue-MH ( -) PTS/Xpts (*) -) Request ( -) Requete (*.tar.Z)


You may also be interested in PTS/xpts (PTS stands for "problem tracking system"). Nice, fast, easy to use.

But they are developing a new Version (don't know how far they are).

"They" are:

PTS/Xpts Version 1.05a By Zombie Software Copyright (c) 1992,1993,1994 Dean Collins, Chris Hyde, Luke Sheneman, Brian Goff, and John Hunter. Copyright (c) 1992 University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. Internet e-mail: or

There's also a WWW-Page available, but I don't have it at hand right now.

Herbert --

Get the "req" package from in pub/systems/ It's the best I have seen. --gene --


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