Summary: CDROM can boot but not mount

From: Rachel Polanskis (
Date: Fri Feb 09 1996 - 22:24:39 CST


I solved this one myself after a bit of lateral thinking.

The problem was I had bought a CDROM (Laser Magnetic storage CM234) at a rummage sale.

I was certain it would work with my SPARC IPC.
I took it home and set the DIP switches and booted successfully with Solaris on CD.

Problem was, I could not mount disks, instead getting an error.

The trouble was simple:

The LMSI CM234 is an old style hand loaded caddy cartridge affair.

vold wanted to load the CD itself, but of course it was load manually by inserting a special

Editing the vold.conf, and removing the CDROM entry allowed me to mount the CD
using the mount command, after inserting the CD manually.

Now I just use a very simple shell script to mount the CD and the floppy is still managed by

# mtcd - take care of mounting the CDROM for me, instead of vold
#first make sure we're root

if [ `/usr/ucb/whoami` != 'root' ]
      echo "fatal: insufficient authorisation (must be root to mount CD)"
      exit 1

mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s0 /cdrom

# done

I let mount itself determine if the drive is alraedy mounted, and just use the umount command
to unmount the CDROM before removing the disk with the caddy cartridge.

Now I have a CDROM drive very cheaply that I can boot from, and read off all my CDROM
source code collections.

It was very simple once I figured this out, and I have even NFS mounted the CDROM
across to my Linux PC.

Not bad for a UNIX newbie ;)


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