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My original question is :

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>Hello managers,
>When we booted our machine, SPARCstation IPC running Solaris 2.4, it has
>the following error message:
>" .....
> Testing
> 19ac bad 100c bad booting from sd(0,1,0)
> Instruction Access Exception Type b (boot), c (continue), n (new
>command mode)
> "
>If we typed 'b', the last line message appeared again, if we typed 'c', it >showed:
> " No program is active
> Type b (boot), c (continue), n (new command mode) "
>Could someone give us advice and hints to solve this problem?
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Many thanks to:

Herbert Wengatz
Daniel Blander
Kevin Sheehan
Casper Dik casper@holland.Sun.COM

All of them gave us good suggestions about how to check what's the problem with the machine. When we checked cache RAM, it said:
                 ok test-cache
                 100c bad 19ac bad 100c bad

other tests, such as 'probe-scsi', 'test-memory', ..., look good (sd(0,1,0) is boot disk). So it means that the machine has a hardware problem, bad cache RAM.

Here we gave our special thanks to Herbert Wengatz who described in detail about this kind problem and told us how to test which part was bad and helped us to determine if it is a hardware problem or not.

Thanks you again to all who replied!

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