SUMMARY: ODS 4.0: RAID5 on non SparcStorage Array disks??

From: Andreas Sindermann (
Date: Mon Dec 25 1995 - 18:12:42 CST

This was my original question:

> Can I put RAID 5 on non Sparc Storage Array disks with
> Solstice Disksuite 4.0?
> The Veritas Volume Manager 2.1 (the version delivered with
> the SSA) only creates RAID 5 Volumes on SSA disks but not
> on externel 3rd party disks... :(

The answer is that ODS 4.0 can do striping and RAID 5 on
non SSA disks, too.

You also can buy an upgrade license (from Veritas or deBIS, the
german distributor) to do RAID 5 and striping on non SSA disks
with the Veritas Volume Manager.

I'll probably move away from the Veritas VM to ODS 4.0 because
a) you have to get an upgrade license for the Veritas VM which
you have to pay for, and b) you have to get a new Version (VM 2.1.1)
for Solaris 2.5. Whereas ODS 4.0 doesn't make problems in both points.

Thanks for the fast replies to:

"Roger B.A. Klorese" <>
"Kevin Sheehan" <>



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