SUMMARY: stty: : Invalid argument?

From: Lewis Burgess (
Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 14:56:44 CST

In article <> (Lewis Burgess) writes:


   and my .cshrc contains:

     stty erase '^h' intr '^?' werase '^w' kill '^u'

   Anyone know why am I getting the following error?

           % rsh vader ypwhich

   stty: : Invalid argument

   NOTE: The ypwhich does return a correct value. It appears that my
   environment is just how I want it, but I get this error and want to fix
   whatever is causing it. My machine is Solaris 2.4 and vader is Solaris

Thanks to Trip Martin, the solution is:

The problem is that with rsh, there's no tty on stdin, which is what stty
is expecting. The fix is:

test -t 0 && stty ...


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