SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4, HP 4si and Jetadmin

From: Lewis Burgess (
Date: Fri Dec 01 1995 - 09:40:21 CST

In article <> (Lewis Burgess) writes:

   I want to create a Solaris printer server using the Jetadmin software
   that will support several HP, Solaris, SunOS and IBM clients All our
   printers in-house are HP.

   In our department we already have a Solaris print server. However,
   when I create the new one my clients cannot print to it. Clients
   always see the queues on the new print server as faulted. However, I
   can print from the new server itself, just not clients.

   I called HP and they made me change permissions on about 10 files on
   the new server. NOTE: I checked the permissions of these files on the
   working server and the working server has the default permissions, NOT
   the new ones supplied by HP. Regardless, the HP permissions didn't
   make any difference; the new print server still fails.

   I just can't figure out what is different about these two machines.

   Working Server:

           Sparc 10 Solaris 2.4 (well patched)

   New Server:

           Sparc 2 Solaris 2.4 (well patched).

   NOTE: I attempted to create a print server on my personal machine (a
   Sparc 20) and was unable to make it serve clients either. The guy who
   created the working server watched my create the server on my machine
   and I did EXACTLY what he did.

   Anyone have some ideas on how I can create a working Solaris print
   server using JetAdmin?

Several steps were necessary to resolve this matter. HP told me that I was on
my own. Sun, however, came through.

There were two problems both related to the lp services and their ability to
accept requests.

Apparently, the SAC facility was not configured properly. The command:

                pmadm -l

was showing that it was only monitoring the serial ports (zsmon), but not the
printer port (tcp listen). Somehow the /etc/saf/_sactab file was missing the
tcp line:

        tcp:listen::999:/usr/lib/saf/listen tcp #

Now sacadm -l shows the tcp status line to be ENABLED.

It was also missing the directory /etc/saf/tcp which I copied from another
Solaris machine.

Why this was missing is a mystery. I didn't even know about this
functionality, so I wonder if the unistallation of the HPNP package could have
effected this.

Even with these additions, we were unable to get any response from printhosts
to clients requesting print services (I used snoop).

So the Sun support guy suggested that we create a fake printer on printhost to
some real hostname. That forced the print services on the print server
(printhost) to start properly.

Initially, I was testing with a single HP printer. However, since then I have
created many networks printers through printhost and all work fine. Also, we
have an HP behind a Gator box (Mac proxy to Ethernet) and adding that to the
printhost server allowed me to remove the fake printer entry (and yet still
force the print services to come up correctly).

It works. I'm happy.


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