SUMMARY: Wabi 2.1 Rev. A and SoundBlaster

From: Dan Penrod (
Date: Fri Dec 08 1995 - 12:55:33 CST

Hey Managers:

I come bearing patches! SoundBlaster emulation for Wabi 2.1 is now running
on my SPARC 5. My query can be summarized like this:

        machine: SPARCstation 5
        OS: Solaris 2.4
        application: Wabi 2.1
        problem: It's supposed to emulate SoundBlaster for Windows
                        applications that use sound.
                        I don't hear anything!

Solution: Patch #102125-02 (or greater I suppose).
                SunOS 5.4: Audio device driver jumbo patch

By the way... I did have to reboot before it actually worked!

Credits, replies, and rereplies listed at below as well as the SunSolve
patch description.

Many, many, many thanks,

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SunSolve's description...

Problem Description:

1182380 sample count incorrectly set on cs4231
1187814 when accessing to the audio driver, the ss5 panic
1164836 vat does not work on sparcstation 5
1186277 Using soundtool on SS5 running 2.3. After 1.02 seconds a click is heard.
1187962 No audio output when running DOOM on SPARCStation 4 or SPARCstation 5..
1183393 Can't Resume after Gaintool Pause on AudioTool file open

(from 102125-01)

1153505 Looping record+play test hangs when played with Sundiag on 2.3 85mHZ system
1173755 A close to the audio device hangs on aurora
1176131 SS5 audio sample counts are inaccurate

These changes apply to the audio device driver where under system load
conditions, the latency between the generic audio module and the
CS4231 audio device driver can result in a hang condition. In addition,
a change was made to calculate the sample count correctly at the end of
either play or record.

Sun Manager Replies...

From: (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) >I don't think this is what the message means. I think it means that >if you are running 2.4 on a PC with a SoundBlaster(tm), then WABI >will use it. >I'd be surprised, but not amazed. >What kind of machine and setup is this? It might be that a particular >flavor of machine is required. How does that machine differ from the >one on which it doesn;t work??

Prepare to be surprise (although not necessarily amazed) Kevin. It's more than I expected from Wabi but they wrote the code and it works! Well, with the patch anyway. ;-)


From: Pablo Ruiz <> >You are missing the patch# 10215-02 or higher

You were the only one close to right. I say "close" because you misnamed the patch #. Not "10215-02" but "102125-02". Close enough. It put me on the right track of what to look for under SunSolve and it worked! Thanks!

--- From: (Russ Bebb) >Dan, please share responses. Thanks, Russ Here ya go Russ! Enjoy!


From: Mike Rembis <> >I tried for a week with that one. Also everything I tried to run under >Wabi wouldn't work or install - so I removed it. >I feel better. ;-)

Well Mike, time to dig out that old Wabi 2.1 CD and try again. If I can offer any help send me an email. Sounds like YOUR problems may have been with the floppy drive. If so I can probably help. I've been there and back a few times. ;-)


From: Robbie Honerkamp <> >This may very well be intended for WABI users running Solaris X86 >on Intel iron with a SoundBlaster... >Robbie

That thought occured to me as well until I actually saw (heard) it work on a SPARC 5 on which I had previously loaded a ton of patches, including, apparently, 102125-02, while trying to get the floppy drive to work.

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