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The Original Question:
> Hi Fellows,
> I have a very wierd problem with one of the system here. The system is running
> solaris 2.4. I can ping systems outside our network. However I have a minor
> routing problem. Whenever I reboot the system I get an error message which
> says: host_name: bad value
> and then when I try to run the command "nslookup", it won't be able to find
> the name server. I can ping the name server using it's IP address.
> I have checked all the files that I thought were involved in routing and etc.
> But no luck. Somebody please help me out. Thanks.

Thanks to all of the following people who responded to me:


The best answer was:

For the nslookup to work you should have an /etc/resolv.conf
file with at least the following entries: (I'm assuming
your hostname is "rad")


replace with the NAMESERVERS IP NUMBER. The
one you USED TO "Ping".
And your /etc/nsswitch.conf file should have a host entry that includes dns.

hosts: files dns

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