SUMMARY: patch problems (still need Asynch Memory Fault help)

From: Michael Migdol (
Date: Wed Dec 06 1995 - 11:33:35 CST

This is only a partial summary. Casper Dik, Kevin Sheehan, and Glenn
Satchell were very helpful in pointing out to me that the "sun4c" in

>Package not patched:
>Architecture mismatch

referred to hardware, not OS version. Boy, do I feel silly. :-)

Casper suggested that the problem might still be the SIMM's, but I'm not
convinced quite yet. Does the following traceback give any further clues?

complete_panic(0xf0048b80,0xf0152b6c,0xf091fe18,0x0,0x0,0x1) + f8
do_panic(?) + 1c
cmn_err(0x3,0xf015eaac,0x80804820,0xc5ba8dc,0x25998,0x40000000) + 1c
small_sun4m_l15_async_fault(?) + 100

Thanks for the help,
Michael Migdol
Matsushita Electric Works

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