2nd SUMMARY: file system / full on bootup (SunOS 4.1.3_U1)

From: Steve Cole (coles@kosone.com)
Date: Tue Dec 05 1995 - 05:47:26 CST

Again, the original question was: my file system is reporting a full stat
even though I appear to have 20MB free on my / directory.

Further thoughts on this matter today are:

1) try putting 'df' statements in rc.local to track disk space at bootup
2) hidden file may be created on / partition during bootup - see 1) above
3) boot in single-user mode to test drive space for accuracy

Thanks to all who have continued to help out.

I seem to have solved the problem in the meantime. How, I'm not sure,
but I'm pleased it is resolved for the meantime. I took these steps:

1) booted in single-user mode
2) ran fsck (returned no errors)
3) deleted all core files on drive (gfind . -name core -exec rm {} \;)
   ^^^ p.s. this is dangerous if some files you're using are named core
4) popped into the /tmp directory and typed "rm -fr *"
   ^^^ again, could be dangerous on some systems - but shouldn't be since
       after all, you're supposed to use /tmp for temporary use only

This worked for me, although my / directory reported that only about 200K of
space was reclaimed, mostly from my /tmp directory purge.

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