SUMMARY : Configuration of remote printer under Solaris

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Date: Mon Dec 04 1995 - 19:28:59 CST

My original query was

> How do I specify a particular remote printer on a BSD server under Solaris ?
> My apologies if this is trivial, but there's no information about this in the
> admintool help or in the lpsystem man page. i.e. if a BSD machine called
> sunos has two printers called printer1 and printer2, how do I configure a
> Solaris machine to have access to printer1 and printer2. I am running Solaris
> 2.3, so my apologies if this solved in 2.4, but I cannot see where I can
> specify the printer on the remote host. I am basically looking for the analog
> to the rp field in /etc/printcap.

A few people replied and suggested simply Admintool or RTFM on Admintool. To
these I would simply say, RTFQ guys. It is obvious from the question that I
had tried both admintool and lpadmin and that the relevant documentation was
of no assistance. Anyway, to cut a long story short, the way to specify a
particular remote queue name is to use system-name!queue-name as the system
name argument to lpadmin, remembering to escape the ! if necessary. You can't
use the system-name!queue-name method in admintool - that will just cause the
creation of a new system known as system-name!queue-name in the lpsystem's

Thanks to all the following for their replies :

Chris Phillips <> (Andy Feldt)
"Bert N. Shure" <> (Steve Schneider)
Roger Salisbury <>
Justin Young <> (S. D. Raffensberger 500622500 (RD))
Original-rdga3!sdr (S. D. Raffensberger 500622500 (RD)) (Robert Lopez x7112)
Jan Barte <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
Trevor McFarland <> (Brett Lymn) (Peter Watkins)
Bill Reed <> (Tim Evans)
Colin Johnson <>
charest@sar3.CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA (Claude Charest)
"Jarod Jenson" <> (Bruce R Baier)
"J. Davis" <>

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