Re: Summary of swap file usage?

From: Udo Klein (
Date: Fri Nov 17 1995 - 02:01:49 CST

Charles H. Gilles wrote in <48gtuo$>:

:Back in my happy VMS days, I could easily determine the amount
:of pagefile (swap file in Unix land) available on my workstation.
:I have a Sparcstation running Sun OS 4.1.3. Is there any mechansim
:to monitor total system swap file usage?

In every BSD-Unix you can use:
pstat -s

Getting a report of swap and page acivities (and a lot more)
every "per" seconds "num" times you can run:
vmstat -S <per> <num> (-S only in SUN-OS)

Only in SUN-OS there is the perfmeter command:
perfmeter -v swap


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