Re: SUMMARY: Tweaking a big Solaris box for WWW service

From: Dave (
Date: Sun Nov 05 1995 - 01:12:14 CST

M. Hedlund ( wrote:
: (dk smith) wrote:
: > I've seen some ISPs that handle a hundred different domains for Web
: > service (e.g. Do they run separate instantiations of a Web
: > server for each domain? Sounds like a maintenance headache. If they don't
: > do it this way, then what might they do?

: I can't answer your question about ifconfig aliasing other than to say
: I've gotten above 20 aliases for one interface without noticing a severe
: hit -- others may have more informative experiences.

        I've got >130 IP addresses assigned to le0 with Solaris 2.4, and
am using the Apache server in single-parent, VirtualHost mode. The only
problem I've noted so far is that I ran out of handles with a separate set
of access and error logs for each VirtualHost at #127, because of
fopen(). I've canned the separate error logs for all but the customers
who know what it is and want the data.

        I've been told that each ethernet interface in these boxes will
allow up to 255 IP addresses to be aliased. I'll run out of space in
the current class-C before then, but I found that I can assign addresses
from another class-C to the interface, route it through the primary
IP for the machine as a gateway, and things work just fine.

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