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Date: Mon Nov 06 1995 - 06:36:09 CST

Hello, everyone,

Sorry for late summary.

My original post on Oct. 21 is:
Hi, sun managers,

I have a sendmail problem bothering me for a time, so I post it here for a help.Since we installed Solaris 2.3 and set up NIS, the machine can't not receive e-mail again. Sending e-mail is no problem. If we send an e-mail from other machines to it, no any receive e-mail appears and the sender machines never receive returned mails from this machine.

We check the file, we gave the official domain name for both sending and receiving addresses of the machine. We guess probably the problem is created by different domain names of official and NIS. But if it is true, we don't know how to avoid NIS domain when sendig and receiving e-mail?

Does anyone give us hints to fix this problem? I will summarize.

Thanks in advance!

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I got one reply from John Cigas ( . The following is the reply.

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I had a similar problem - not receiving mail and having it "disappear".
The quick fix was to change the NIS+ tables to use a fully qualified
name,, instead of just foo.

The problem went away when we finally got DNS and its mail exchanger (MX)
records set up correctly.

Thank you very much for replying and sharing the exprience with us.
We will try this way to solve the prolem sometime.

Thanks again for help!

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