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Date: Sat Oct 21 1995 - 04:59:12 CDT

Hello, managers,

Thanks for replying me for printing problem.

I received one suggestion from Robby Jackard (

The suggestion is:
first off since you are using Solaris 2.3 (System V) it
is better practice when stopping or resetting "lp" to issue the following
                sh /etc/init.d/lp stop
                sh /etc/init.d/lp start
rather than killing the process "lpsched" and so forth. As for
why the system is not printing, there are a number of things to
try. Make sure the communication protocol is set up correctly and
not disabled, check the "pmadm -l" command. Make sure the printer
is defined correctly (BSD or System V).

My original question:
> Recently I have met a printing problem on a SunSPARC 20 machine running solaris 2.3.
> Once before we sent a printing job to a printer as a general user, the machine worked incorrectly and seemed stopped, there was no printing result. Then we killed the ssing from the other machine. But when we did login again, the 'print tool' window could not be open.
> Thus we entered as a superuser to run 'ps' command to check processings. We found 'lpsched' runned not properly . In the time column of the 'lpsched' processing in 'ps' list, time was increasing. If we tried to shut down 'lp' processing with the command 'lpshut', no response at all, the same for 'lpstat' command.
19' command (assumed 3219 was the 'lpsched' processing number'). We also killed the SCHEDLOCK file in '/var/spool/lp'. After that we runned the command of '/usr/lib/lp/lpsched' to start the `lp' process.
> Since then 'lpsched' met this kind case frequently and at this time refused to printing jobs. When it happened we just handled it as the same way above said.
> We think there is still something wrong with the printer processing of the system, however up to now we cann't figure it out. Does anyone give us some hints and helps about that?

I will try the suggestion Robby Jackard gave when the problem happens again.

Thanks to Robby Jackard for giving me the suggestion.

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