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Date: Fri Oct 13 1995 - 05:36:41 CDT


  My original question are attached bottom.
Thanks to Dave Kelley who show me the right answer.
To set Metoo "OmTrue" in /etc/ so the sender who
is a aliease member will be received mail also.

And also thanks to whom give me hint to change "Om" in


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Hi Jeffery,

The problem sounds like a sendmail configuration. I am not sure
about Sun's version but sendmail v8 has a flag that allows/disallows
sending mail to yourself in an alias ... in our it is the
following line:

# send to me too, even in an alias expansion

The sendmail bible (O'Reilly's sendmail) says to be careful using True as
it could
lead to mail loops. But I think this is mainly if it is mailing lists being
setup in both

The second problem may or may not be related to a the following option in

# verify RHS in newaliases

I am not sure this actually relates to your problem, until you try to run
newaliases in which case it will complain about a "bad address".

Have you actually checked that the mail is not delivered to b,c,d ???
I have seen sendmail complain about a missing name in the aliases (i.e. "a")
but still deliver the message to b,c,d.

Hope this helps,
> I have added grobal email aliases on NIS server /etc/aliases.
>Say I added a line, company: a, b, c, d
>But there are two problems.
> 1. if "a" send mail to "company",
>"b", "c", "d" received mail. but "a" not. He had to cc: to "a" if
>he want a copy. But there is no problem if "a" setted a local mail
>aliase in his .mailrc
> 2. if "a" user account is disabled and "a" is not removed from
>mail aliases, then the mail send to "company" will be bounced because
>user "a" unknown.

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