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Date: Thu Oct 12 1995 - 15:34:38 CDT

Here's the summary of my question on audio CD.
First, the original question:

> Is there a utility that will let me play audio
> compact disks on my external CD-ROM drive? There's
> a headphone port on the thing, but I can't find
> the software to run the drive as a cd player...
> BTW, I'm running Solaris 2.4 on a SPARC2...

Nearly everybody who responded pointed to a freeware
program called workman, which is available via ftp
from One person (Mark Hargrave) was
even kind enough to send me a compiled copy, since he
realized that my OS is cc-free...

Another program mentioned is xmcd, which is a motif
based tool, similar to workman. There were also a
couple of references to a program called xcdplayer,
which I'd located already, but couldn't use 'cause
I don't have the compiler package.

Thanks to the following for their helpful replies:

"T. Joseph W. Lazio" <>
Sean Ward <> (Johnie Stafford)
Syed Zaeem Hosain <>
Salvatore Saieva <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Andrew J Cosgriff <>
Richard Skelton <> (Jeff Wasilko)
Chris Lyon - System Admin <>
Marcus Filipsson <> [Andy McCammont] (Andrea Bellinzaghi)
"Panagiotis G. Sebos" <> (Dirk Boenning) [Rob Jackard] (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
Michel Pilon <> (Mark Hargrave)
Peter (Sam I Am) Richards <>
Stephen P Richardson <>
Katrina Simpson <>

Raspberries to (Tim Evans),
who sent me a rather bitter note, dismissing my question
as "trivial crap." Since at least 3 other persons on this
list asked to be copied on my findings, and since a couple
of responses gave me incorrect information, I'd like to think
that my question, while being far from earth-shattering, is
not "trivial crap," and provided others admins with some
useful information.

Thanks again to all.
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