SUMMARY : Wordperfect and X-Windows

From: Niall O Broin x 3619 (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 11:34:13 CDT

Well, the general response, and it was the biggest response I've ever received
so I'm not naming names - you know who you are - was that "Yes, WP for X is a
major crock of S**T" whether it be in the 5.1 or 6.0 incarnation. Some people
are relatively happy with it, but happy along the lines of "Yeah, this is a
fine car. Of course, taking two right turns in a row with the radio tuned to
Splash FM while wearing pink underwear causes it to spin off the road, but as
long as you just drive straight you're O.K." Frankly, isn't it time someone hit
one of these software manufacturers with a product liability suit - in NO other
field of commerce do the customers have to put up with such unmitigated crap
(and of course WordPerfect is not alone in this). Anyway, if you're stuck with
WP for X, as I am, it seems that the Nov. 11 1993 revision of 5.1 is as
stable as it gets, and I also had one person who said that the Jan. 30 (95 ?)
version of 6.0 was fairly stable, meaning that people who pushed the software
or made mistakes hung up 5 to 10 times per day, whereas regular simple users
only hang once a week. So, as we have a copy of 11.11.1993 here somewhere
I'll give that a try. I'm not hopeful !

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Niall O Broin

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