SUMMARY: NextStep & X windows

From: Jozef Rujak (
Date: Wed Oct 11 1995 - 09:07:10 CDT

Hi Suners,

The native window system for NextStep is display postscript.
There are a number of X-windows packages for NextStep :

  co-Xist from Pencom (
  CubXwindow from (some company in france)

Thanks To: (Peter Ferri) (Rich Ralston)
kjb@amdahl (Kevin)
Michael Neef <>
Lawson Tony <>
My original query:

>I'd like to try and maybe buy NextStep for SPARC, but I'd need to know
>if it has any X windows enviroment and if it is possible to run X windows
>application from sun workstations on it?

Thanks Again,

Jozef Rujak

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