Summary: sysidtool

From: Mikael Johansson TX/DK (
Date: Mon Oct 09 1995 - 05:01:08 CDT

Hi all

This is a short summary of how to get around the initial
questions when a Solaris_2.4 clients boots from a server,
both diskless and AutoClient. A great thanks to the people that

Also I got some questions about AutoClient and I am very pleased
with it and it seems to work fine this far. AutoClient
has also allowed us to skip the setup of Jumpstart and to manage
clients as diskless. Of course it should be a part of the OS and
not a product you have to buy extra !!

Network & System Administration at Ericsson Telecom AB, Karlstad, Sweden

To get around the question of a locale you fix two maps
in NIS, a "locale" and a "timezone".
Add your timezone to the file /etc/default/init, add a line

To get around the question for a root passwd you may
just replace /usr/sbin/sysidroot on the server with
a shellscript that does nothing and put the original
file back after you have set up the clients. But don't
forget to set the root-passwd from the server - othervise
it is open....

To get around the question for time and date you just
have an alias in your NIS-hosts file "timehost".

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