SUMMARY: Public Domain Web Server Software

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Date: Wed Oct 04 1995 - 04:33:37 CDT

Sorry for the dealy, I was waiting to see my own question posted, but
it seems it's not going to get here, so here it is;

Original query**********
> Hi managers,
> I'd like to hear the opinions of those of you that have used public dom=
ain web
> server software as to its quality and reliablity.
> tia
> Marc

And the answers are:

CERN httpd <----- in its various incarnations, the overwhelming winner.

                find it at:
                           /pub/httpd for Pre compiled Binaries
                           /pub/httpd/httpd_3.0_src.tar.Z for source

gn (gives you gopher as well) and wn from John Franks.

                find it at:{gn,wn}


mosaic (one vote)

me too!s (about a billion, find unedited copies in your mailbox guys)

Miscellanous good hints and tips;

SUN WWW Server has got a wealth of info on setting up Web
 servers/Doing Business on web/Browsers / Addresses of Commercial
 as well as public domain s/w. Get back to me for anymore details.


special thanks to:

Simon Burr ( Melanie Dymond Harper Alan Thew K. Shekhar Raju Henrik Frystyk Steve Bloom -brian carcich Andy Feldt -- Joseph

and of course to all of you who thought of answering but didn't find the opportunity.

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