SUMMARY: Selected SCSI Device Not Responding, But Disk OK

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Tue Sep 19 1995 - 16:49:52 CDT

Last week, I wrote:
>An SLC running Solaris 2.5 recently had its NVRAM replaced. Now
>it refuses to boot from its one and only disk, with the PROM
>monitor reporting the "Selected SCSI Device not responding."
>Probe-scsi sees the disk, at the correct SCSI target Id. In
>addition, booting the system from an install server in single-
>user and running format finds the disk, also at the right id.
>Also, the disk's root partition can be mounted and looked at,
>again using the correct SCSI target id. Everything looks normal.
>I re-ran installboot, but this didn't change anything.

Thanks to:

Tilman.Sporkert@Eng.Sun.COM (Tilman Sporkert)
Peter Barneveld <Peter@metten.FenK.WAU.NL>
Pell Emanuelsson <>
Wolfgang Bauer <>
ue Ghaemi <>
Bruce Skidmore <> (System Administration) (Bismark Espinoza)

The NVRAM was set to boot from "sd(0,0,0)". Telling it to boot
from "sd(0,3,0)" resolved the problem. The disk in question was
one of the old ESDI/SCSI Sun shoeboxes.

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