SUMMARY: binaries for GCC

From: Howard Schultens (
Date: Tue Sep 19 1995 - 15:30:08 CDT


I asked for an anonymous ftp host for the binaries for gcc, version 2.6.3
or later, for SunOS 4.1.2. Since version 2.5.x, compiling and installing
gcc has become MUCH MUCH easier. My old SparcStation 1 sort of creaked under
the load of using cc to compile gcc, then gcc itself to compile a more
optimized version of gcc. I had to restart the whole procedure because the
compile needs bison at one point. The install bombed out because it couldn't
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makeinfo, but, aside from this it doesn't take much work, just time.

A couple of people told me to look at some nodes at, but they
have only the binaries for gcc 2.5.8 for solaris, not for sunos.

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