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Hello sun magnagers,

Here is a summary again.

Thanks to all who replied after the first summary, particular to:

Philip Kao
Paulette S. Mudrey

The problem was solved by giving exactly official hostname in the file of .rhosts as described in NIS hosts file.

Thanks again to everyone who gave me advice including those whom I mentioned in the first summary.

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------------ Original question: -------------

> It's me again. This time I met the problem of permission denied when I tried ?
>to backup file systems with the command 'ufsdump' on the remote system. On the >tapehost machine I rlogin one machine that needs backing up as a superuser and >used the 'ufsdump' command to back up, but the machine just prompted the error >message of ' Permission denied'.
> I checked that there is a file of .rhosts (root is specified as only one usr) >in the / directory on the tapehost machine and also the 'hosts' file has the >lines contained the hostnames and IP addresses of other machines whose file >systems will be backed up. In the hosts files of non-tapehost machines, >tapehost name and its IP address are included too. I tried to set up a file of >hosts.equiv in /etc with non-tapehost machine address on the server, >unfortunately it did not help. Could someone know wh
at's the problem here and >give me a hand?
> Brief info of systems we used: Solaris 2.3, NIS.

------------- suggestions: ------------------

1. Paulette S. Mudrey wrote:

On your tapehost make sure the /.rhosts file has the official hostname of
non-tapehost machine. The official hostname is the first hostname listed
after the ip address. Since you are using NIS you should get the official
hostname from the NIS hosts map. Your /.rhosts should look something like

official_hostname user_name

I usually use "rsh hostname date" to test it out.

If you are root when you rsh if will check the /.rhosts file and ignore the/etc/hosts.equiv file.

2. Philip Kao wrote:

Before trying to remote dump the filesystem, you need to first ensure that
you have full privledges. Try doing an rsh to and from the machines to verify
that you can access either without any problems.

Chances are, you will need to launch the dump from the client machine and
write to the host remotely rather than launching from the host and read the
client filesystems.

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