SUMMARY: Sun type 5 keyboard on a PC??

From: David H. Brierley (
Date: Tue Sep 19 1995 - 02:05:36 CDT

Well, I only got 4 responses to my request but hopefully that was
enough. The first response said that a company called "Integrix" made
a Sun style keyboard that was PC compatible. I looked them up on the
Web, called their sales distributor, and sure enough they appear to
have exactly what I want. The price is $140 and they are supposed to
be faxing me more information. Feel free to write if you want sales
info or just search for Integrix on the Web. The second suggestion was
that perhaps the keyboard from an NCD X terminal would work. I have
not heard back from NCD yet.

Thanks to the following:
"Edward C. Zimmermann" <>
Perry Hutchison <>
Andrew J Cosgriff <>

On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, David H. Brierley wrote:
> Does anybody know anywhere that I can get a Sun-style (type 5) keyboard
> for use on a PC? I have a 486 running FreeBSD and X/11 and I really hate
> the standard PC keyboard! Another alternative would be an adaptor that
> allowed me to plug a Sun keyboard into the PC. I saw an adaptor advertised
> the other day that would allow me to plug a PC keyboard into a Sun but I
> want to go the other way.

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