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Date: Sat Sep 16 1995 - 16:01:15 CDT

Thanks to all who replied with advice.
My original question posted was:

> I met a serious problem with our machine running Solaris 2.3. When I boot machine. It shows on the screen that:
> ...
> Configuring network interfaces: ifconfig: litho2: bad address
> le0: auto-revarp failed: no RARP replies received
> ...
> /dev/rdsk/c0t3d0s0: FILE SYSTEM STATE SET TO OKAY
> ..
> /dev/rdsk/c0t3d0s6: FILE SYSTEM STATE SET TO OKAY
> ...
> setting default interface for multicast: litho2: bad value
> The 'litho2' is the hostname of the machine. After I boot with singal user state, I check the interface address with the command 'ifconfig -a'. It shows:
> ....
> le0: flags=842<BROASCAST, RUNNING MULTICAST> mtu 1500
> inet netmask 0
> ether 8:0:20:6:d6:8c

Suggestion are:

 1. Check that /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname.le0 files are correct.
 2. Check that /etc/nodename and /etc/netmasks files are correct.


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   In /etc/hosts file, the line with hostname and IP address was absent. After adding it and then booting the machine, the problem was fixed.


Thanks again to all who responded.

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