SUMMARY:- Recoverable ftp

From: Ian Camm (
Date: Sat Sep 16 1995 - 05:40:03 CDT

Yesterday I asked

> My question is - does anyone now of an file transfer program that can recover
> from having the connection cut so we do not have to resend the whole file
> - often 20-30MB at a cost of #50 UK/20MB.

Once again sun-managers comes up trumps.

Some people suggested using compress/split/ftp/cat/uncompress but this still
doesn't stop the resends if the line breaks, although it reduces what you
have to resend.

There were also some suggestions to use Zmodem over a telnet or rlogin

And some suggestions for using Taylor UUCP over TCP/IP.

There were however two excellent suggestions from various people of which I
will use the first:-

1) Use wu-ftpd as the server and either ncftp or rftp as the clients (and
   probably others). These all allow the reget/restart commands which do
   exactly what I want.

2) Use FSP which is similar to 1) but uses it's own seperate (UDP) protocol
   which is slower than ftp.

All of the software in 1) and 2) can be found via archie.

Many thanks to all who responded the list of who had done so by the time I
sent this mail is below.


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