SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4 & FSBE (Stupid Solaris 2.4 Question)

From: Graydon Dodson (
Date: Thu Sep 14 1995 - 05:24:08 CDT

  Thanks to all who responded. Turns out the H/W is working but there were
two things I had not discovered about Solaris 2.4 yet (Yes I have been reading
the books).

  First was that even though you no longer see the "dmesg" stuff at boot time,
it is still created and can be read. This info showed that the system did in
fact recognize the FSBE.

  Now the problem was why "ifconfig -a" did not show the new ports. Turns out
that you have to "plumb" ports in Solaris 2.x. A point that many of you
have pointed out.

  Seems like there is a design philosophy problem here. SCSI devices must be
"live" to be recognized at a "reconfigure". But if I have a "live" ethernet
atached, it is ignored. Only a "plumb" (or hostname.le? file) will cause
an ethernet to be recognised.

     Thanks to all

Graydon Dodson (606) 232-6483
Lexmark International Inc.

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Date: Tue, 12 Sep 95 13:39:39 EDT
From: (Graydon Dodson)
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Subject: Stupid Solaris 2.4 Question (Cannot find FSBE)

  All right, I am trying to work on my first #@%&! Solaris 2 system and it isn't
going well. I just installed 2 brand new FSBE cards in the system, did a
"boot -r" and nothing... Solaris 2.4 doesn't recognize the new SCSI or
ethernet ports. Since there is no Solaris 2.x S/W or manuals that come
with the FSBE I thought this should work.

  Anyone know the "magic words" to make 2.4 recognize FSBEs?

Have I missed something obvious?


Graydon Dodson (606) 232-6483
Lexmark International Inc.

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