SUMMARY : Errors with answerbook

From: Andrea Bellinzaghi (
Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 16:14:34 CDT

Hi, thaks to all the people that reply my questions.
This is the solution :

Netscape gets a lot of colours when runs, this can be solved starting Netscape
with :

netscape -ncols 64 (or 128 instead of 64)


netscape -install

This is one possible solution for all the problems generated from Netscape.

There is also a patch that solves answerbook's problems :

Patch-ID# 102450-01
Synopsis: OpenWindows 3.4: Docviewer will not start when colormap is near full
BugId's fixed with this patch: 1145502
Changes incorporated in this version: 1145502

I've received another possible solution :

add these line to .Xdefaults
DPSColorCube.PseudoColor.8.reds: 2
DPSColorCube.PseudoColor.8.greens: 2
DPSColorCube.PseudoColor.8.blues: 2

I've only installed the patch 102450-01 and everyrhing seems ok.

Thanks Andrea

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