Summary and Part 2: Problem with news

Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 05:35:31 CDT

Hi folks,

My original question was a problem with expire. It ran from the command line,
but not in cron. I also had a problem with my news not propagating to the
world, but I was dealing with that separately. However, the problems were
related (no surprise).

I got a ton of email back, all basically saying the same thing, check
permissions. Well, I found not only were permissions messed up, but news
applications were running out of roots cron. So I went thru my system and fixed
all the permissions and the crons, recycled everthing, and ended up worse off
than when I started :-( Now I could not even run the expire from the command
line. So I reinstalled INN. Saved my configurations, did a make install, and
restored one or two configuration files that were overwritten. That seemed to
fix a lot of problems. Posts are now propagating to the world. And I can run
expire from the command line.

But... when the expire runs from cron. I get the following error:

Your "cron" job
/usr/local/news/bin/news.daily delayrm expireover
produced the following output:
Can't open spool directory: Permission denied

Now, I am assuming it is referring to /var/spool/news. On my system, that is
linked to /news. Permissions are 777 news news (/usr/spool/news is also linked
to /news).

So, any idea why I cannot run expire from cron? When I run it from the command
line, I su to news and run it as news and it works fine. I have been told that
expire is just flaky on a Sun, but I am having to run expire manually every
other day and it is getting to be a pain :-( So I would appreciate any insite
anyone may have.

Thanks to the following for responding to my previous post:

Special thanks to who took the time to work with me directly.

Sheryl D. Chapin
Network Support Engineer
Metro II, Mendota Heights, MN
Phone: 612-686-2272
Fax: 612-686-5501

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