SUMMARY: syslog patch for sendmail?

From: Kalpesh Dharia (
Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 00:48:35 CDT

Hi Sun Gurus,

Thanks to Casper for the only response I received to my query. In his own

        The limit is more generous in 2.4.

The original question was:
I'm upgrading my sendmail to Sendmail 8.6.12 on a Sparc 1 running Solaris 2.4.
In one of the sendmail README files, it says -

        The Solaris "syslog" function is apparently limited to something
        about 90 characters because of a kernel limitation. If you have
        source code, you can probably up this number. You can get patches
        that fix this problem: the patch ids are:

                Solaris 2.1 100834
                Solaris 2.2 100999
                Solaris 2.3 101318

Is this limit raised in Solaris 2.4, or do I need a patch for it? If I do
need a patch for it, can you tell me what patch is required? Can you
tell me how to check this limit (or up it if need be) without patches, if
a patch is required but not available?

Of course, I'll summarize all helpful responses.


TIA to anyone whose reply may have not reached me yet.


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