SUMMARY: NetBlazer processor error console msg.

From: Roberto Dominijanni (
Date: Sun Sep 10 1995 - 23:18:40 CDT


What to make of messages such as the following appearing on the console of
a Sparc 2 running SunOS 4.1.3.

 Sep 7 22:06:53 NetBlazer:#PROCESSOR FAULT: Page Fault (vector 14 0xe)
 (cr2 00000044) (error code 0000)#Version: 3.0, Tue Mar 14 16:02:05 1995#eip =
 0008:0085202e eflags=00010213 <CF,AF,IF,RF>#eax 00000000 ebx 000e03b0 ecx
 00260aec edx 00000000#esp 003ffcb8 ebp 003ffcb8 esi 003fff34 edi
 003d90e8#ds 0010 es 0010 fs 0010 gs 0010 ss 0018#Stack trace:#0083f539
 0003e90e 0003e419 0003df6f 0000922e 00008c8d 00008036 5e5e5e5e#INVALID EBP
 5e5e5e5e##Doing coredump, start = 0, len = 400000, ebp = 3ffcb8#


I received fifteen replies and the answer is unanimous. To quote from
Brian L. Plante's reply:

 A NetBlazer is a box made by Telebit. It can be used as a basic router,
 or a terminal server, or a a way to get dial-up IP connectivity....
 It has a feature to send its syslog messages to an IP #, and it must
 be set up to send to the SS2.

Thus the messages do not indicate anything wrong with the Sparc 2 and,
aside from notifying the network manager that she has a sick machine out
there, they may be ignored.

As to why the messages are appearing on my console (and the consoles of two
other Sparcs that I've checked), the probable answer, from Glenn Satchell's
reply, is:

 The syslog fields are date and time and then hostname of the source. In
 this case it is which may be being picked up as some sort of


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