SUMMARY: internal disk on Sparc 1+

From: Jim Napier (
Date: Fri Sep 08 1995 - 11:22:56 CDT

Thanks to all who replied on this and you were many. Below is my
original post. The unanimous consensus was that it's not a problem if
you verify that the current draw and power consumption of the
replacement is less than or equal to the old drives. Particularly
 with newer drives that consume less power and therefore dissipate less
heat you should be fine. Several people cautioned against putting 2
drives in the case at all and suggested it would be better to replace
both 104Mb drives with a single drive of higher capacity (e.g. 1Gb).
This elimination of the 2nd drive creates more space for air to

Jim Napier
School of Engineering
UC San Diego

> We just upgraded a Sparc 1+ to Solaris 2.4 and are finding the 2
> original Quantum 104Mb internal disks more of a nuisance than they're
> worth. We'd like to replace both drives with a single larger internal
> drive in the 500MB - 1Gb range. Our local Sun tech says that this is
> completely unsupported. Apparently there are either power or cooling
> issues with this particular chassis that make switching to larger disks
> a problem. Does anyone have anything further to offer other than "it's
> unsupported"? How much danger am I putting my system in if I try this?
> We have a set of Sun Field Engineer manuals and the specs in there for
> the 1+ don't indicate anything obvious about using other disks, although
> it's clear we wouldn't want to exceed the power consumption of the
> existing drives.
> Jim Napier
> School of Engineering
> UC San Diego

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