SUMMARY: Max #files per partition?

From: Philip Kao (
Date: Thu Sep 07 1995 - 08:53:42 CDT

----------------------Original Question------------------------

Is there some sort of max number of files per partition?
Obviously there must be because each file is an inode entry
in the super-block, but what is the calculation/rule of thumb?


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----------------------Collective Answer------------------------

Special thanks to Leif Hedstrom

The default is one inode for 2048 bytes of file system - when you do
a newfs it tells you how many per cylinder group. You can use the
-i option to newfs to vary how many are made.

To check the number of inodes
"/usr/ucb/df -i" on Solaris 2.x

To change:
        SunOS 4.1.x Solaris 2.x
        df(1V) -i df(1M) -e or -g
        newfs(8) -i bytes/inode newfs(1M) -i bytes/inode
        mkfs(8) nbpi argument mkfs_ufs(1M) -o nbpi=n
        fs(5) fs_ufs(4)

Big known Exception: USENET Spool Filesystems. There you should have
one Inode per kB (instead of per 2 kB).

Many thanks. Next time, I'll read the man pages first.


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