SUMMARY: Programming telnet

Date: Wed Sep 06 1995 - 17:36:10 CDT

Hello Sun-managers!

Did anyone say. the sun-managers-list/newsgroup is dead? I tell you, it

Most of the answers I got suggested me to use a tool called "expect" included
in the TCL/TK-package. It's capabilities seem to be very good in programming
interactive sessions.

Others advised me to use perl, which is able to connect to open sockets.

One guy told me that Solaris 2.5 offers a .telnetrc-flie. Thanks, bu I can't
wait for Solaris 2.5/SunOS 5.5.

The best suitable answer for my problem with cisco's came form Rogerio Rocha
<>. He suggested me to use the "autocommand"-command on a cisco-
router like this:
        line vty 96
        no login
        rotary 96
        autocommand <command>
        transport input pad telnet
        transport output pad telnet
        telnet transparent
To invoke this, connect to the router like this: "telnet router 3096".

With a little script, I could get the information I needed. Anyway, expect
seems to be that good, so I'd better have a look at it.

Many thanks to: Special thanks for expect src! Special thanks for perl src!

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