2nd SUMMARY: Converting Mac files into Solaris files

From: Michel Pilon (pilonm@ccg.rncan.gc.ca)
Date: Wed Sep 06 1995 - 06:53:26 CDT

Hello everybody,

I think that I have to write a second summary on that topic. I received some
solutions once I wrote that I have abandonned my researches within my first

Once again, the original question:

--> > Hello sun managers (gurus),
--> >
--> > Via Mailtool, we are receiving a lot of binary attachments. We sometimes
--> > receive compressed MacIntosh files. I would like to know how do you retrieve
--> > the data from a MacIntosh file (removing specific forks). Hence, I will be
--> > able to read a WordPerfect file from MacIntosh with my WordPerfect software
--> > for Solaris 2.4 without using a MacIntosh. Which tools are you using?
--> AppleSingle and AppleDouble File Formats:
--> Mailtool stores Mac file into AppleSingle format: The resource fork
--> and the data fork are under the same file. This file is not readable by Solaris
--> 2.4. I was searching for a Unix tool that convert Mac AppleSingle into
--> Mac AppleDouble format.
--> AppleSingle File Format (one file): filename (resource + data forks)
--> AppleDouble File Format (two files): %filename (resource fork)
--> filename (data fork)
--> --------------------------

Bob D. Worsham replied to the first summary saying that the tool 'asdtool' found at
the FTP site 'support.apple.com' under the directory /pub/mae/utilities will do the work.
I tried it and it works well! See his post at the end of this one.

Some people told me that it exists some tools distributed as part of CAP (Columbia
AppleTalk Package, ftp://munnari.oz.au/mac/cap60.pl100.tar.Z), an
AppleShare and AppleTalk print server/client package for Unix. The
two programs, cvt2cap and cvt2apple convert AppleSingle and
AppleDouble files to/from CAP format (the data fork is in the current
directory, the resource fork is put in a file by the same name in a
'.resource' directory in the current dir, and the finder info is put
in a file by the same name in a '.finderinfo' dir). There's a man
page included with describes all this. I did not try these utilities since
the first solution works well for me.

Great thanks to:

worsham@aer.com (Robert D. Worsham)
John Valdes <valdes@geosun.uchicago.edu>
"D.J.Peacock" <D.J.Peacock@reading.ac.uk>

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> MAE Enthusiasts,

> We would like to announce the availability of a new utility for use with > Macintosh Application Environment, `asdtool'.

> asdtool converts AppleSingle file format to AppleDouble and vice-versa. It > can optionally translate carriage returns to linefeeds and handle double-byte > characters (e.g., Kanji). asdtool determines the file format and, following > conversion, adds a suffix of _sgl or _sbl as appropriate. For complete > information, please read the man page supplied in the tar distribution.

> asdtool is covered under the `APPLE SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT' which is > supplied with MAE.

> asdtool and other utilities are available via FTP from `support.apple.com' > and can be found in the directory /pub/mae/utilities. For more information, > please see the README contained in the same directory.

> We hope that this new utility will be of use to you.

> Best regards,

> MAE Engineering Team > Apple Computer, Inc.

> But note you are supposed to have a copy of MAE to gain access > to this program.

> hope this helps,

> -- Bob

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