SUMMARY: Backing up PC's to Solaris 2.4 tape drive

From: Henrik Schmiediche (
Date: Mon Sep 04 1995 - 17:07:12 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded to my query concerning how to
backup PC's to my two EXABYTE tape decks on my Sparc 20 running
Solaris 2.4.

These are the solutions I received (If I left any out I
apologize). Some have very little info, because I could did
not check them out (yet).

   1) Legato sells a backup program that will allow you to back
      PC's (and many other clients of different OS's and architectures)
      to a tape backup server. It does tape management and allows
      users to restore their own files. Looks like a powerful
      product, though I have no personal experience with it. The
      drawback is that it will cost $1000's of dollars. In our case
      it would cost over $4000 for a minimal configuration. Educational
      discount is minimal (10%).

   2) Solistice Backup from Sun is essentially a licensed and repackaged
      version of the Lagato backup program. Price is also steep.

   3) On simple solution is a program called wintar (latest version
      is 1.4). Get it from any of the windows archives. Look for This program dumps PC files and directories over
      the netowrk to your tape backup. It work relatively well for
      me. Program is shareware and costs $25 per machine (less for
      larger sites). Drawbacks:

         1) It has to read the entire tape to get a directory
            listing. At least if this is not the case I do not
            know how to fix this problem.
         2) Don't know how to do automated backups with from
            multiple clients. It is a great solution if you want
            to occasionally backup an entire PC.

   4) SunSolve sells a product called Lifeline which will back up
      PC's to the Sun.

   5) Free GNU software:

        samba-1.9.13 to understand shares
        sambatar-1.4.1 to do backup of windows shares

      The main Samba site is in pub/tridge/samba/.
      This is maintained by
        Mirror sites include:

      A Samba WWW site has been setup with lots of useful info. Connect

       (submitted by:

      Samba available from
      allows quiet a bit of interconnectivity between PC's and Unix
      systems including printer and file sharing. It is free. I
      have not yet checked it out.

   6) SM-arch. Review in June 95 Sun Expert. Several good comments
      from users.

   7) NFS export the PC files system to unix and then back it up.
      There are several NFS program available to do this. Check

   8) PC/TCP from FTP software (Onnet 1.2)

   9) Call BUD TOOLS ... Call BRU (

   - Henrik

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