From: Anchi Zhang (
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 05:21:36 CDT

My original posting:

 For three very similar Sparc 10 Solaris 2.4 NFS servers each running
 ODS 4.0 mirroring on eight external drives, I have tried to build a
 backup system disk to be used in case any one of the system disks
 fails. All metadevice state database replicas exist on the eight
 external drives so that, I thought, as long as /etc/nodename,
 /etc/hosts, /etc/hostname.fddi0, /etc/system, /kernel/drv/md.conf,
 /etc/opt/SUNWmd and /dev/md on the backup disk were the same as on
 a failed system drive, the backup disk should run in place of the
 failed one.

 In testing, however, it booted complaining "metainit: venus: there
 are no existing databases."

Many thanks go to

 Joe Dietz <> (Daniel Lorenzini)
 AdamBracewell <> (Ray Trzaska)
 Bruce Parker <> (Philip Kao)

It was Daniel Lorenzini who suggested to do a metadb operation again
just to see what other files would get updated. In doing so I found
that the device files /dev/rdsk/c[12]t[0-3]d0s0, where my 8 db replicas
reside, got written and the minor device numbers of those devices were
different from machine to machine. Unfortunately the backup disk still
would not work after I copied those device files using cpio and a reboot.
My guess is that metadb refuses when it sees wrong checksums in

I can change the minor device numbers in /etc/system and but
can do nothing to the checksums generated by "metadb -a -f." My
solution, therefore, is limited to running "metadb -a -f" and
"metainit -a" on the replacement drive when the time comes. It is not
ideal because it causes recyncing of the mirrored drives but it works.


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