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Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 02:07:24 CDT

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Subject: SUMMARY: format corrupted
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I have a corrupted format on 4/470 running 4.1.3. Reinstalling the OS
is not a particularly appealing option. I checked sums on the actual
format file with those on good systems and it is the same. I tried
replacing it with one of the good and they failed as well. So it's not
the format command itself but something deeper.

When the command is invoked, the machine panics, dumps core, and
generates some traceback output.

Can someone give me a strategy for locating the corruption using
available debug tools? What would be the easiest approach? I am
nervous about reinstalling for fear that I might trash some of the
vendor supplied software that this system runs. Their system is not as
clean as one might hope and reinstalling it is something I strive to
avoid until it becomes the easiest option.


Alas, the answer is, basically, no. After clearing up what I left
unstated, that I had ruled out hardware as the culprit, the choices got
very limited.

I tried running a trace and checking sums on all files identified in the
trace before the panic. All appeared normal. Using the crash files was
also fruitless.

At this point, in spite of uncertainty concerning the vendor installed
software, reinstalling that section of the OS seems to be the easiest
alternative. And with a little luck, the vendor's software will be

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for the fleeting moments of hope they provided as we chased down dead


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