Summary: NIS+ problem

Date: Thu Aug 31 1995 - 01:12:45 CDT

Hi all,

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I have a strange NIS+ problem.

I upgraded a subdomain master from solaris2.3 to solaris2.4. Before doing that
I saved the /var/nis dir and the /etc/.rootkey to another machine.

After completing the upgrade, I restored the saved /var/nis and the machine
booted up fine and I can see all the subdomain tables using niscat.

If I restore the /etc/.rootkey the machine wont boot up properly.

The subdomain clients are not able to see the subdomain tables however. I tried
reinitializing the client and rebooting and that did not help either.

Has anyone seen this problem. I will summarize as always.

thanks for your help.
The solution to the problem was
1) to move the old .rootkey file on the subdomain server.
mv /etc/.rootkey /etc/.rootkey.old
2) keylogin -r with the same old root password.

I was immediately able to see the NIS+ tables of this subdomain from the
clients. Previously I was able to see them from the NIS+ server only.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

Ramesh Radhakrishnan
UNIX Systems Administrator

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