SUMMARY:PC Keyboard on a Sun

From: Jerry Springer (
Date: Wed Aug 30 1995 - 01:14:21 CDT

I received some very varying responses.
They covered from the "me toos" to "it is not possible" to order the Sun PC
style keyboard" to the answer that we will probably go "but a special adapter box
from a company called Kinesis.

Thanks to: (Bob Yamaguchi)
Joe Venturelli <>
Dave Fetrow <>

who supplied the info.

Thanks to all the others who responded:
Alan Chan <A.Chan@CdnAir.CA> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (bl0312300-steve.scott(HOE403)777)

The orginal post and Joe Venturelli's response (which was the most detailed)
are included at the end>

> Hello Sun-Managers,
> Does anyone have any experience in using a PC keyboard on a Sun.
> I mean more than doing the keymappings. I need to be able to plug
> a PC keyboard into the mini-DIN keyboard connector on the back of the Sun.

Here is a snip from a thread on just that subject, it looks just like
what you are looking for.

|> I have heard that someone sells an adapter that lets you connect an
|> IBM keyboard to a Sun. Does anyone have any contact info for people
|> who make these?

        Kinesis Corp.
        22232 17th Ave, Southeast
        Bothell, WA 98021-7425
        (206)402-8100 FAX: (206402-8181

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